Colorectal cancer (CRC)  is the 3rd most common type of cancer worldwide and its occurrence is increasing, especially in populations with lower socioeconomic status, due to unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyle among others. The research project ‘ONCODIR: Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Cancer Prevention through implementation’ will identify risk factors associated with colorectal cancer and will integrate multidisciplinary research methods and technologies (including health policy analytics, artificial intelligence and decision support theories) to deliver evidence-based and personalised recommendations on colorectal cancer prevention.


main correlations, barriers and significant factors of CRC


equal an affordable access to cancer prevention strategies for everyone between and within EU countries


innovative AI-powered personalised prevention approaches


the ongoing evidence-based CRC prevention programmes for precise CRC primary prevention


risk-based stratification for citizens considering structural and behavioural intervention through participatory approach


intelligent monitoring tools for policy makers through a participatory co-designing approach

This project has received funding from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency under grant agreement No 101096667.

Project Office

August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS)

Campus Casanova, Casanova, 143

08036 Barcelona